Monday, June 21, 2010

Until 20th June.. our progress

We had mailed everyone asking for their suggestions for fest logo and name and we have received a very good response especially from the juniors! Thanks for that guys.. Both are yet to selected.

Polls for the fest name are being conducted in facebook, blog and other means. Name with max votes will be selected soon, so provide your opinion quickly.

The official site is already under construction and is expected to be ready by July 1st. But until then keep yourself updated from the blog.
As of now we are working on the events to be conducted.
Plans of organizing a TEDx talk in the fest is one exciting thing and we have had some progress with it. We already had talks with the TED officials and hoping to get the license from TED soon. If it is successful it will be the first time a VTU college organizing TED talk!
Also we plan to organize art and other exhibitions during the fest days.
This is the progress from our side until now.

We have been carrying out meetings regularly involving branch representatives from all branch, deciding on various issues. A core committee has been formed which will be deciding on critical issues. Next meeting will be on Wednesday i.e 23rd June. So try to be there and support your branch in deciding the events.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fest name

We have short listed a few names for the fest. This is done after we received a good response from the first and second year guys! Thanx for that..

Now if you don't like any of the suggested names and you think you have a better name, then pls tell us. You can do that by commenting to this post. We will surely consider it. Thank you.



NMAMIT group welcome's you to the Nitte Fest 2010 blog. This is a temporary blog where we will be posting all the updates and progress happening with the fest. The official site will be releasing soon.

First of all about the fest..
The fest is planned to be a national level tech fest and is expected to be conducted in the month of October this year. All branches are together working on this. So variety of events from all the branches are planned to be conducted. For the first time NMAMIT is going have a fest of this scale!

This blog is not only for sharing updates with you guys but also to get your suggestions. We will be conducting polls using which you can share your opinion. Also you can mail at or catch us on twitter, facebook, orkut where you can provide us your thoughts. This is your fest and we would like to get your support in which ever way possible. Student of all batches welcomed.